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What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication technologies in order to provide medical care at a distance.

It helps improve access to medical services and eliminates the comfort, distance, and cost barriers

associated with today’s “traditional” health care.

Why patients choose RxOnDemand?

Simply put, RxOnDemand provides remarkably convenient, fast, and affordable care from the comfort of your current location. RxOnDemand physicians are able to diagnose and treat most common illnesses within minutes by conducting a brief medical interview via phone or video chat. If a medication is deemed medically appropriate, it is our goal to have you pick it up at your preferred pharmacy within the hour so you can “Feel better. Fast.

We charge the LOWEST fees, starting at only $20 per consult! Our practice model results in extraordinary care and high patient satisfaction. We are confident our patients will trust us with their health for years to come. We hope to never see you again, but chances are we will!


What can RxOnDemand do for me?

Please see the SERVICES OFFERED page to see how RxOnDemand can help you.

Who can receive medical services from RxOnDemand?

At this time, only residents of Illinois and persons visiting/travelling through Illinois can receive medical services from RxOnDemand. You must be at least 18 years of age to seek medical care. If under 18, a legal representative can seek care for you. Children under 2 years of age cannot be treated by RxOnDemand physicians. We anticipate service expansion in the months to come. Check our site regularly to see where our doctors are currently providing medical care!

Who are your doctors?

Our doctors are U.S. Board Certified and fully licensed to practice medicine in your state. They stay up to date with American Telemedicine Association (ATA) recommendations and are dedicated to providing the best possible care. Once hired, they receive extensive Telemedicine and Privacy training before conducting consultations.

Are there any medications or conditions that RxOnDemand does NOT prescribe or treat?

RxOnDemand doctors DO NOT prescribe medications controlled by the DEA (Click for more information). This specifically includes medications that are widely abused and/or ones that can potentially harm or kill a person without close monitoring. If you are unsure about a certain medication or need any clarification, please call us BEFORE paying for a medical service.

RxOnDemand is NOT an Emergency Room. If you feel that you are having a life threatening medical issue, go to your nearest ER! Furthermore, RxOnDemand does not provide long term care for chronic conditions. If a medication for a chronic condition such as Hypertension (high blood pressure) is refilled, the patient will only receive a limited supply and will be required to follow up with their primary provider for long term management as close follow up for such conditions is necessary. In addition to the above, RxOnDemand does NOT treat conditions including, but not limited to, chronic/severe pain, mental health disorders (including depression and anxiety), sleeping disorders, pregnancy or birth control related concerns, erectile dysfunction, surgery complications, and alcohol or drug abuse.

How do I initiate a consultation?

Click on the "Speak to a Doctor Now" button. You will then need to complete and submit the Patient Information Form (Step 1). Once submitted, move on to Step 2 and select a medical service to purchase. By purchasing the service, you consent to receiving telemedicine services and agree to all Terms & Conditions. Once payment is verified by RxOnDemand, one of our highly trained physicians will contact you to begin the consultation. You may choose from a phone or video chat consultation. If video chat is requested, please log-in to the RxOnDemand Virtual Clinic using your mobile device or computer in order to enter the waiting room (link provided after payment is made). Our physician will then enter the Virtual Clinic and initiate the video consultation. If you do not receive a call from our doctor within 15 minutes, contact us immediately at (844) I-NEED-RX. 

If a medication is prescribed, where do I pick it up?

RxOnDemand doctors often write prescriptions to help our patients get better. It is up to you to tell us

which pharmacy you prefer. The doctor will use the information you provide to prescribe your medication

there. Please provide the pharmacy name and phone number prior to your consultation.

Our doctor will choose the appropriate and most affordable medication to resolve your illness. Your

prescription should be ready for pick up within 30 minutes of ending your consultation. (Note: It is possible 

this process can take longer than 30 minutes for the pharmacy to fill. Please call your pharmacy to confirm

that your prescription is ready prior to picking it up.)

What happens to my medical records? Can I get a copy of my doctor’s note?

Your medical records are encrypted and securely stored in a HIPAA compliant manner. If you would like a copy of the doctor’s note for your records or for your primary provider’s review, please CONTACT US with a written formal request and it will be sent to you within 24hrs via secure email, fax, or US mail.

Can you be my regular doctor?

RxOnDemand physicians only provide urgent care medical services. We encourage you to come back for such needs but we do not treat/manage chronic or complex medical conditions. We do not think this is good practice, as these conditions truly require an in-person patient-doctor relationship. Our doctors took an oath to do no harm and our priority is to keep you safe. 

Can I seek reimbursement for your services from my insurance company?

Absolutely. Many insurance companies will reimburse for our medical services. Telemedicine is a growing service in the healthcare industry and we highly encourage our patients to submit any receipts and/or medical notes that insurance companies need in order to process reimbursement.

Have any other questions or concerns?  


Frequently Asked Questions