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Amazing Service!

Shortly after getting home from a trip I was on, i started getting a pain in my nose area. With the holidays approaching, i doubted i be able to see a doctor. had told me about the RXondDemand. so checked it out and within 30mins i got a call from a Doctor. with what information i could give and a few questions asked of my condition. The Doctor over the phone fax a persciption to the nearest Pharmacy for me. In less than 1hr of paying to talkign with the Doctor i already had me some medication. The Doctor wass very good about trying to work around to what would be affordable for myself and was always available in the case of something was not working!

Tremendous Service

After only being in Chicago for a few months, I was in need of getting my prescription updated from my last place of residence. I thought I would have to schedule a time to go into the doctor's office and miss work so I began looking for offices in the Old Town area. Somehow, I found Dr. Radovich online and left him a message at 8:30pm on a Friday evening. He gave me a call right back and after some consultation, wrote my prescription which I picked up the next day. I would highly recommend this service for anyone who is looking to save time without sacrificing quality of medical care! I will definitely be loyal customer moving forward!

Will definitely use again

I'm a busy working mom of 3 children and I got into some poison ivy while apple picking with the kids, I could not seem to get in under controll with over the counter medicines and it was days before I could get into see my primary care physician. Someone I knew metioned to try this wonderful website and physician. I was able to talk to a doctor with in 20 minutes and my prescription was filled bymy pharmacy with in an hour! the phycian was very great, informative, kind, and even did a follow up call to check on me. I will definitely use again and highly recommend, it saved me time and money !

Life just got easier!

I wasn't sick enough to put up with an office visit run around, so I tried RX On Demand. The doctor called me within 5 minutes. (First time a doctor has ever called me!) Got to the root of the problem in the most friendly way. When it came to the prescription, he gave me a couple choices and showed that he was concerned with my out of pocket pay. I felt better the next day! I will recommend On Demand Rx to anyone that just needs to do that office visit.

Awesome service!!!

It's hard to believe that I just spoken to a Dr. and got a prescription without ever stepping foot in an office or ER, all from my iPhone... Houston we have arrived in the future! This service was awesome! I hope I stay flu free this season, but if I don't I sure in the heck am not going to the Doctor's office. I'm just going to use this service. It's so much faster and stress free. Thanks Rx!

Great service!

RxOnDemand was incredibly easy to use and really helped me out when I needed some antibiotics. My work schedule keeps me busy and I heard about this site from a nurse/friend. The process was so simple and easy – I completed everything while I was at work (I didn’t have to visit a physician). Kudos to the physician that made this site and I will definitely use it again!

Got questions I needed answered

Had some questions that I really couldn't find direct answers for. "Googling" was doing me no good and giving me mixed messages. It was nice to get direct answers from someone without any confusion at all. I definitely appreciated the quick response too. =)


I am in search of a new doctor and was able to get a refill on a medication I've been on for years. My old doctor didn't want to refill it! RXONDEMAND is awesome and cheap@!

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